Star Wars: The Rise of the New Republic

Episode 3: I Have a Bad Feeling ...

A Grand Ball

After spending three weeks training with the mysterious force master copper Jadoniouse and Tharmor finished with a battle with what they assume were members of the Noble Court. After which they each received an ancient sword coated with cortosis. Her Majesty then gave them a mission to recruit Lady Katrina to their cause. The only problem is that there seems to be a double agent leaking information to the empire and she won’t help unless he is dealt with first.

They quickly made preparations to leave to the planet she was on. Although they tried to contact Manthis and HK they still were not responding but since the ship was set to leave the next day they didn’t have time to track them down.

After landing they met the slussi mechanic Vis Deussi who bore quite a few similarities to HK. Namely the love for big weapons and making things explode. He was able to set up a meeting with Lady Katrina. While talking to they learned of a race that would take place in one weeks time. Deciding to let Mara enter the race they also learned that a party would be held the next day and they decided to attend it in hopes of learning more about the double agent.

While there Jadoniouse encountered the imperial Agitator Lady Pollax and tried to learn the name of the double agent that she supposedly worked with. However she wouldn’t give any information about her clients and got a little suspicious of him asking so much. While all this was happening Tharmor who was disguised as a handmaiden was investigating her room. While there she was able to crack a safe and found two data pads a necklace and several crystals. Working with Dac she was able to modify the security cameras to look as if somebody else entered the room and wounded her.

Vis Deussi who was gathering information by talking with the guests encountered a purge trooper investigating the room that Tharmor broke into.
The party learned
At the race a bounty hunter named Vizzicort will try to take out a Rebel Cell Leader name Tamber Vance
The Double Agent will be in attendance and you learned that it is a female Chadra Fan
The ISB agent name is Junna Crum
The ISB agent’s slicer is a Bothan named Helio Vesetor

The party is now preparing for the race next week where they believe they will find the double agent while also learning that lady Pollax will be doing a job there as well. Will they be able to catch the agent before anything happens?

DESTINY POOL: Light 4 / Dark 2


Great job Jadoniouse take 5XP


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