The mining world of Zhanox resembles a pincushion, with stony spires covering every square kilometer of surface area. Human colonists have settled in the valleys, where toppled spires have created a floor of rubble. Zhanox’s mines are overseen by Ugnaughts, and the planet is not often visited by ships from outside the Twin Nebulae.

Astrographical Information

Astrogation Data: Zhanox system, Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories
Orbital period: 310 local days
Rotation period: 24 standard hours
Government: Monarchy (Noble Court) – Imperial Controlled
Population: 500 thousand (50% humans, 48% Ugnaughts, 2% Nothoiin)
Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, Ugnaught

Suns: 1
Orbital Position: 1
Moons: 2

Physical Information

Atmosphere: Oxygen mix
Climate: Volcanic
Gravity: Standard
Climate: Hot
Major Terrain: Stony spires
Major Cities: Zhanox (Capital City)
Areas of Interest: Mining Outposts
Major Exports: Ore and Crystals


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