Iziz was a massive, walled city and the only modern settlement on the planet Onderon. Ruled by a popular monarchy, it served as the Japrael system’s capital. The city was well-known for its defenses, which were devoted to keeping out the flying beasts that attacked the planet from the nearby moon of Dxun.


Established originally as a colony of Humans pacifists, the city of Iziz quickly expanded as permanent settlements were established on the world. Growing to a massive sixteen hundred square kilometers, the city was protected from the jungle and the dangerous beasts which lived there by high walls and a fortified defense grid. Turret towers mounted at points along the wall and security stations at each access point ensured that peace was kept in the city and the wild beasts of both land and the air were kept at bay.

Centered around a steep hill, the Iziz Royal Palace was the center point of the city, looking over the city for millennia. The home of the Monarchy of Iziz, the King and Queen presided over the government of Onderon while the Iziz Council dealt with the affairs of the city. Accessed by a sky ramp the palace was rebuilt several times before being replaced entirely by the Unifar Temple by the time of the Clone Wars.

The Merchant Quarter of the city of Iziz was located at the southern gates of the city and contained many locally owned shops and stores which catered to the locals, trading in goods brought from outside the city and those goods produced within. The Merchant Quarter led directly to the sky ramp and later Yolahn Square, serving as one of the most active areas of the city for commerce. Towards the Palace district stood the city’s primary, which gave access to the sky ramp and the palace itself. Past the commerce district was the area known as the Western Square, an area of the city controlled by the Exchange during the Onderon Civil War and the location of the city’s power generator.

Text taken from Wookieepedia.


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