Delphon is planet covered in windswept grasslands and picturesque plateaus, with a large human-centric main city and many outlying settlements of various sizes. Because of its location away of the sector’s main trade routes, it is the home to tourists of the rich and famous, along with pirates and the Hutts. Everything on this planet is done to the extreme more money flows in and out of this planet than any in the sector. Buildings in Delphon Prime are over the top and the clothes even more so. Delphon Beta is a new city where some of the rich who don’t want to be quite so extravagant have started up. While still quite posh for most compared to Delphone Prime it is next to nothing.

Astrographical Information

Astrogation Data: Anoat system, Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories
Orbital period: 405 local days
Rotation period: 28 standard hours
Government: Govenor – Imperial Controlled
Population: 2 million (80% humans, 20% other)

  • tourist Population exceeds 10 million
    Languages: Galactic Basic Standard

Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 15,190 Kilometers
Atmosphere: Oxygen mix
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Climate: Temperate
Major Terrain: Plains, Windsept grasslands, Plateau, 2 Major Lakes
Major Cities: Delphon Prime (Capital City), Delphon Beta
Areas of Interest: Delphon Prime, Wisker Cat Race Track
Major Exports: Dephon Grass
Major Imports: Luxury Items, Ridable Beats

The planet is a tourist spot for the rich and even richer. The planet has a governor appointed by Her Majesty. The security for the planet is handled by Delphon Security Inc. a company created just for the protection of the planet. Unlike other security forces they not only protect the citizens, the laws, and those that visit but they also protect the planet itself. They enforce the laws to make sure the planet stays as beautiful as it is, to thus bring the rich back to visit. There is a strict rules that no type of motorized vehicle is permitted outside of the city limits.
Delphon has gone to great lengths to make sure they preserve the picturesque view of the planet for its tourism trade. As such they have imported several different species some exotic for the tourist to ride and experience the planet in its natural setting. thus they do not permit any type of vehicle outside of city limits, and even limit the number of cities or outposts that can be built and operating at a time.


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