Cannon or EU

Cannon or not?

When Disney took over they wiped out everything that had been written into the vastness that is the Star Wars Lore. There is so much history and Lore in the Expanded Universe (EU) that it will be hard to ignore.

So for the most part we will stick with the Cannon that is now the Movies, Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and the new novels. However, because some of us have read, played, or listened to the book, comics, games that make up the EU we will be referring and even using that in our game.

We will also deviate from all of that based on the unique history the characters may make themselves based on how they play, the characters they come up with, the well written histories they develop or even because some random event or activity they choose to undertake.

This is our game. A game run by 2 fathers for their children for the express purpose to have some fun with a setting we all enjoy.

So there you have it.

Cannon or EU

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