Campaign Background

Campaign Background

The Campaign starts 6 months before the Battle of Endor. The party is a Special Operations team that has been serving in the Mid and Outer Rim territories. It was only recently that they have ventured into the Inner Rim Territories.

The Campaign picks up 5 years after the SpecOps team “The Idiot’s Array” has been formed. They are joking called this as it matches the name of the Corellian YT-1930 Light Freighter they use as their mobile base of operations, and the dumb luck they have at completing the missions they have been assigned.

Formation of Idiot’s Array

They came together after Captain Mara and Lieutenant Dac defected from the Imperial Navy. Having a ship and military training they were assigned to the newly formed Squad Gundark under the command of thenSecond Lieutenant Jadoniouse. Over the next 5 years Squad Gundark completed several missions that they should not have been able to.

After helping Alliance Special Forces, Pathfinders, in capturing a base in the Outer Rim, they earned the nickname “The Idiot’s Array.” The Pathfinders gave them this nickname because Squad Gundark had an obvious lack of military training despite their continued “dumb luck” in allowing them successful missions. The name stuck with other squads in the Special Forces when General Madine referenced “The Idiot’s Array” in a report to General Cracken. “The Idiot’s Array” prefer to be referenced as Squad Gundark but unlike their moniker, won’t get riled up if referred to as the Idiot’s Array.

History of the Idiot’s Array

The only original members of Squad Gundark are Captain Mara, Lieutenant Dac, and the original leader Captain Jadoniouse. The Squad has lost several members over the last 5 years from injuries, death, and a few transfers. The Idiot’s Array over the years went from having trained men and women to having members who were never trained under the Alliance Military.

Corpora Tharmorl is the second oldest member of the squad. She was rescued by another SpecOps team from the Star destroyer Predator,serving as a prison transport and a special training facility for Imperial Assassins. The last 2 members of the Idiot’s Array were recently picked up in the last couple months. Project 24601 “Rocket” was saved from a search station where the Empire was experimenting on genetics and new soldiers for the Empire. Silver Manthis was recused from a crashed ship on Dxun. When they found him he was turned off. When they activated Silver Manthis he agreed to follow Captain Jadoniouse and serve the Rebel Alliance.

Campaign Background

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