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Episode 5:Unknown Threat

In the month since the Battle of Jakku, the Empire has attempted no further large-scale offensives. Sources report all Imperial vessels within the Core and Inner Rim staying within the boundaries defined by the treaty. A few prominent members of the Provisional Senate have speculated that the New Republic’s war with the remnants of the Empire has finally come to an end and that a final surrender may be imminent. However, in her address today, the chancellor warned that all planets should remain on high alert, and that the New Republic Starfleet should be kept on a war footing for the foreseeable future.

While the focus for most of New Republic Starfleet is on restoring order and balance in the galaxy, there are rumors of a new threat brewing in the Unknown Regions. General Cracken sent a task force to investigate and seek out this threat.

Awakened from past injuries a small band of misfits find themselves aboard an unfamiliar ship. Healed from massive injuries they learn they have been drafted as Special Forces aboard the Shadow Raptor II as it travels through hyperspace,. Their first assignment has them traveling in an unidentified medium transport to the planet Akiva where they are to find a holo-disc containing portions of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s maps of the Unknown Region….

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