Tag: Empire


  • Governor Adelhard

    Governor Adelhard A lifetime military man, Adelhard rose up the ranks and became a rare General that started in the Stormtroopers, where his base of power still stems from. Anti-luxury, anti-pomp, and a true believer in the need for a strong Empire to …

  • Junna Crum

    ISB Agent who is currently working on Delphon to make sure [[:lady-katrina | Lady Katrina]] stays loyal to the Empire. She is working with a secret double agent and hopes to find the local Rebel Cell Leader and take him out. She has a slicer on hire as …

  • Helio Vesetor

    Slicer under the employ of [[:junna-crum | Junna Crum]]. It is odd to see a Bothan willing working for the Empire so something has to be up.