Star Wars: The Rise of the New Republic

Episode 2


Episode 1c: Secure the Base - Part 3

Where the crew freed Gaav Fennro from the Imperials, and learned that soon their base would be under attack. During the escape Jadoniouse had a vision from his past – he was leading Death Troopers in this very city? He was a Jedi or a Sith?

After getting back they spent time securing their base and making some new weapons and armor. They also made some new allies with Olko Baz.

After what seemed like a slow few days they got a secret message that they were about to be attacked.

Episode 1c: Secure the Base - Part 2

Where upon learning of the signal Array and the new help of Gaav Fennro they went to Iziz to find why he was late and get some supplies.

Tharmor picked up more pranking supplies
Jadoniouse picked up a new gun
Silver Manthis picked up some parts and supplies for new armor
Subject 24601 “Rocket” picked up parts and supplies for a new gun

They ran into some unexpected trouble on the way and some unexpected trouble in town. But now they are ready to break out Gaav, they just need a plan.

Episode 1c: Secure the Base

Where the crew of the Idiot’s Array worked hard to secure their base.

They meet with the village leader and recruited some of the former base staff as rebels. The most notable is their quartermasterThena Thano.

They sent the rest of the base staff packing with Mara Novar Vos to a Rebel command ship.

Episode 1b:Take over Whisper Base
Empire Base? No Problem

Where the crew took over Whisper Base in an unexpected way.

As the crew entered the base, instead of moving on and exploring “Rocket” and Silver Manthis decided that they would create a diversion. Rocket piloted one of the AT-ST and blasted one of the doors shut effectively creating a chokepoint.

Meanwhile Dac, Tharmor, and Jadoniouse entered the base quiet like to complete the mission assigned.

When the explosion went off everyone was shocked (except of course Rocket and Silver Manthis who were all to happy with their maze) and the troops rushed to see what was going on, only to be meet with a halo of AT-ST fire from Rocket and dual blasters from the droid gunslinger Silver Manthis.

After several rounds of punishing fire from the crazy duo and a few well placed speeder explosions the defenses of the base were neutralized. When the Lieutenant tried to make a brake and rush out of the base, Manthis was able to down him with a couple crits .

While the battle was ended Captain Jadoniouse and crew had enter the Command Center. Before anyone could really speak Jadoniouse shoot the highest ranking officer before he could pull his weapon and the rest cowered and surrendered.

Thus was Whisper Base captured by the Idiot’s Array.

Episode 1a: Rescue and Escape
We are going to do WHAT?

Where the crew of the Idiot’s Array got captured to free another group of Rebel prisoners.

The crew was successful in rescuing the Pathfinders from the Empire.
The crew was able to erase their prison records before they were transmitted to Coruscant (That is what 2 Triumphs on a Computer roll gets you)
The crew took on EV-o1 “E V E” and EV-00
The crew was sucessful in disabling the tractor beam AND Hyperspace (Another 2 triumphs this time on mechanics)
The crew really is lucky with their rolls

During the escape EV-00 was killed (that is what EV-01 told the crew)

The night ended with the fade out of:

The crew running up ramp of YT-1930 “Idiot’s Array” and jumping into their normal assigned spots. As EV-01 and EV-00 were the last to board EV-01 turned and blasted EV-00 to bits
“Sorry there is not room for you”
The ramp closed and they blasted off to hyperspace with a Chiss Admiral looking on in disgust as the Predator’s tractor beam and hyperspace were found to be disabled.

Campaign Intro

Episode 1: A Spark of Light

The GALACTIC EMPIRE has almost completed the building of the second Death Star. The Emperor himself has arrived to overseas the final construction of the super weapon.

Unbeknownst to the GALACTIC EMPIRE the Rebels have captured a computer with the plans for the Death Star. Many Bothans died bringing these plans to the Rebels.

Meanwhile, as the Rebels are trying to slice into the computer, the Predator captured a squad of Pathfinders. General Madine dispatched the closet Rebel Ship to help, The Idiot’s Array. Aboard this aging YT-1930 freighter was a misfit SpecOps squad that was known to be as lucky as their ship’s name. Little did they know that this rescue mission would thrust them further into the war and a mission that would change the course of history…….

Rebel alliance to the crew of Idiot’s Array on encoded channel 717

We need your help. We lost a Pathfinder squad in your sector. You are tasked with their rescue. Once you have rescued them proceed to drop point delta and we will pick them up.
General Madine


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