Star Wars: The Rise of the New Republic

Campaign Intro

Episode 1: A Spark of Light

The GALACTIC EMPIRE has almost completed the building of the second Death Star. The Emperor himself has arrived to overseas the final construction of the super weapon.

Unbeknownst to the GALACTIC EMPIRE the Rebels have captured a computer with the plans for the Death Star. Many Bothans died bringing these plans to the Rebels.

Meanwhile, as the Rebels are trying to slice into the computer, the Predator captured a squad of Pathfinders. General Madine dispatched the closet Rebel Ship to help, The Idiot’s Array. Aboard this aging YT-1930 freighter was a misfit SpecOps squad that was known to be as lucky as their ship’s name. Little did they know that this rescue mission would thrust them further into the war and a mission that would change the course of history…….

Rebel alliance to the crew of Idiot’s Array on encoded channel 717

We need your help. We lost a Pathfinder squad in your sector. You are tasked with their rescue. Once you have rescued them proceed to drop point delta and we will pick them up.
General Madine


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