Star Wars: The Rise of the New Republic

Episode 3-5: I Have a Bad Feeling ...
Slice the Base..

After their fiasco on Hoth, the party had no time to rest before the Queen of _ asked us to infiltrate a base, protect a slicer, and get out alive. We thought it would be hard, buy because of our typical “impossible” missions, this seemed a walk in the park! The only catch was the immense lack of funding she was offering, overshadowed by The Idiot’s Array’s indefinite poverty. Eventually the party decided to take her up on her offer, and they embark on an adventure they cannot walk away from.

….. Title Sequence……

THE IDIOTS ARRAY begins planning a strategy, then, engrossed i discussion, none notice Tharmorr sneak off toward a stormtrooper sergeant in an attempt to steal a keycard. When she came back successful, the party was surprised to know she also discovered a secret backdoor. All but Manthis secretly entered the backdoor, he required Tharmorr’s assistance. Dac quietly looped the camera footage, then THE IDIOT’S ARRAY sneaked around a corner only to be spotted by stormtroopers. The party dealt with them before they even had time to act. They then spotted a dark trooper, who also quickly died, but left a menacing and indistinguishable cannon. Visalia quickly looted this and began to create a tripod inside the hallway they ran into to defend Dac while he hacked into the terminal. The party ran into a hallway and Dac ran off to hack the terminal while the rest of the party defended them. The tripod failed at first, but later held up.

Suddenly a double bladed red lightsaber flurries down onto Jaden, who barely held up against his surprise attack with his lightsaber. Jadonious responded with a powerful riposte, knocking him into range of the Darktrooper’s cannon. The sith immediately jumped back into Jadonoius’ range, knocking over the cannon in his bound, just as a group of stormtroopers follows the commands of their leader, “Shoot the criminal Vislaer; fire at Will!” A shower of blaster bolts flew beside Vislaer, probably hitting Will. Vislaer moved out of the way of the next bolt, right into the blaster bolt of another stormtrooper. He then threw his last NOVA40 grenade killing all but 3. Jaden quickly responded to the sith’s blow with two sweeping blows, and a stimpack. This combat continues until Jadoniouse kills the sith, and Manthis and Vislaer killed the remaining stormtroopers. Jadoniouse picked up the lightsaber as they were running, as if by fate Vis also picked up the cannon.
They ran as fast as they could out, then Manthis took a half of the cannon. The opened the door to the outside and saw a giant anti-aircraft cannon surrounded by two six-wheeled walkers. Jadoniouse influenced the driver to turn on his teammates then ran away. Vislaer constructed a bomb, Manthis flew it to the cannon and it exploded but not before it could get a shot at Vislaer trapping him in his cover, (which Tharmor graciously lifted aside with the force) and shooting Manthis knocking him down into possibly death. The rest of the party silently mourned his loss.

Jadoniouse teetered between consciousness and unconsciousness, however while he was conscious he boarded the walker, while Tharmorr attacked the hoard of stormtroopers They slowly pecked off their numbers as Vislaer conglomerated nearly every grenade he owned, to a staggering effect. Without warning a mushroom cloud erupted killing every living being anywhere near Vislaer, except for Manthis and Jadoniouse, as Vislaer quickly dodged his fine tuned weapon of obliteration. Everyone made a furious dash towards Mara’s ship which could barely be seen through the dust. Somehow a group of elite snipers had eluded the desecration and started shooting at anyone running away. THE IDIOT’S ARRAY safely made it on board just in the nick of time, and rode of into the sunset… Then woke up in a hospital.

Tune in next time to hear what happens next… will Tharmorr sing—a silly song?

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: Vislaer L’sohn Aslek (Criminal)
DESTINY POOL: Light 2 / Dark 5


Jadoniouse +2
Tharmor +2
Silver Manthis +5
Vislaer L’sohn Aslek +3

SESSION Conflict:

Tharmor +0
Morality: 67
Jadoniouse -18
Morality: 44

Party Lingering Critical

Silver Manthis: 73, 61, 27
Jadoniouse: 96 (Left Arm), 44
Tharmor: 96 (Left Arm), 80

Important Plot Milestones

Stole the plans from the Imperial Data Center about the Holo Relay
Stole plans from the Imperial Data Center about the Blockade (2 triumphs)
Manthis lost his Jet Pack and His Left Arm as anti air Missle hit him square in the chest and the blast took off his arm, as he dropped the anti-vechile mine to blow up the Anti-Air Spider Walker
Vis lost his Left Arm as a Sniper took a last shot and pierced the muscles and ligaments and shattered all the bones making amputation the only option

Episode 3-4: I Have a Bad Feeling ...
New Gear and Rise of Fantastic Four

Their plans were cut short as Warden Vross discovered their location along with several squads of storm troopers. They immediately ran for the ship in hopes of escaping the planet but were met by stormtroopers blocking their path to the ship. After a fierce battle they pulled through and made it onto the ship. They were barely able to escape the imperials as their hyperdrive was broken but were able to make the jump to hyperspace before their ship broke.

Vis interrupts and adds more

Trapped, the party decided to run towards the ship, and they had an quick skirmish, assisted by a group of renegades as they attempted the retreat. However they were delayed by a large group of around 30 stormtroopers with an E-Web and a tank. They managed to push through their hit points and kill nearly all of the stormtroopers. When they finally boarded the ship, Mara drove the Idiot’s Array to its limits, while Vislaer went to fix the hyperdrive, and the others went about to their frenzied duties.

Slowly THE IDIOTS ARRAY crew filed into help Vislaer after they finished their tasks, while he set fire to the hyperdrive, but never broke it. Mathis finally fixed the hyperdrive with a newly acquired skill. They finally reached another planet they could dock at. However the alibi was not so easy. Vislaer claimed to be the entertainment for a wedding Jadoniouse was attending with the party. “Vis” then had to perform for the security guard. The party decided to become freedom fighters for this system instead of abandoning it. Consequently they became sweet performers called the Fantastic Four, Dac didn’t participate. They each had their unique talents.

They wound up on the planet that Kezi’s brother was on and were able to warn him of the incoming danger that he was in. While there Manthis learned of a mechanic by the name of Chopper who would upgrade his armour for him. Before they left Tharmor devised a plan to earn money by performing so they went by the name of the Fantastic 4. During their performance Vis was able to use fireworks to secretly alert any rebel sympathisers in the area to the destruction of the deathstar and the death of the emperor.

They then spent a month on Cloud City while Manthis and Vis worked with Chopper to improve their armour and weapons. Jadoniouse and Tharmor spent most of their time meditating and both unlocked the Holocron and learned where their lightsaber crystals were.

Vis interrupts and adds more

Mathis took Vislaer to a mechanic store, and brought Jadoniouse along to negotiate the price. All except Jadoniouse got new armor who went. Vislaer then went to build a new energy rifle he later named “the Noisy Cricket” Tharmorr meditated for the first time in forever, while the two technicians built their gear for a month.

After all this they went back to Her Majesty who gave them a mission to go to Hoth and recover a crashed imperial shuttle. They were able to discover it but encountered a large beast under the ice who began to attack them. The adventure ended as they defeated the beast and began to return to Her majesty to decide what must be done next. What will they decide and how will it affect the future of this system?

Vis interrupts and adds more

After many performances and time meditating, the IDIOT’S ARRAY decided to leave and take someone on an offer to go to Hoth to repair a Tydarian Shuttle some pilot somehow crashed on it, maybe due to the asteroid field surrounding the planet. THE IDIOTS ARRAY landed a safe distance from the ship they were required to repair, then traveled by speeder to the snow-covered,thick sheet of ice hovering over a vast, mysterious watery expanse below. Little did they know what lied underneath.

Immediately the party lifted the corroded cockpit cover up, an Vislaer and Manthis began working away at it. Suddenly a monster erupted from the sea and attacked Jadoniouse. The entire party retaliated, but the monster had time to flop onto Vislaer and Jadoniouse. Mathis in conjunction with Tharmorr and Vislaer weakened enough that Jadoniouse could decapitate it. Manthis then entered its intestinal tract to find the rare pearl that lied in large monsters like these. When he finished, Vislaer was heartily working on the ship, and Manthis washed of in the ocean, then helped Vislaer. A short time later they emerged triumphant and flew away in the Tydarian Shuttle while the others flew away in the Idiot’s Array into the sunset.

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: Dac Serrano Vos(Addiction)
DESTINY POOL: Light 1 / Dark 5

SESSION Conflict:

Tharmor +3
Morality: 67
Jadoniouse +4
Morality: 62

Important Plot Milestones

Rise of the Fantastic Four – Traveling entertainment group that does acrobatics, fireworks, Hypmotism, Painting of Droid and sky with Jet pack
Fully unlocked party’s Holocron and learned how to create their own Lightsabers
Meditated Jadoniouse and Tharmor found where their crystals are located – secret Hutt vault in the Anaot Sector
Stole an Imperial Shuttle for Her Majesty

Contacts Made

Chopper – Drall Mechanic – Cloud City
Shortpaw – Chadrafan Smuggler – Burnin Kunn
Kezi – Chadrafan Noble – Burnin Kunn
Lady Pollax – Human Agitator – Current Whereabouts unknown

Episode 3-3: I Have a Bad Feeling ...
Old Friends Attack!

Shortly after the race the party decided to find and rescue Lady Pollux’s daughter and Kezi’s brother. After a failed attempt at getting information from a mysterious person who was following Jadoniouse they were able to find a secret entrance to the black market. While there they discovered Silver Manthis who had been working as a body guard for the past month.

They also encountered Vorass the hut who claimed to know where Lady Pollux’s daughter was. In exchange for the information he requested that they remove some imperials from the planet. After accomplishing this they acquired the girl but as they were leaving they encountered HK-55 who had been memory wiped and made a bounty hunter. They were able to defeat him but were forced to leave afterwards.

After this they decided to meet with the rebel cell leader Zirra Taset in order to come up with a plan to free the system.

DESTINY POOL: Light 3 / Dark 3


Jadoniouse +2
Tharmor +2
Silver Manthis +4
Vislaer L’sohn Aslek +2

SESSION Conflict:

Tharmor -8
Morality: 64
Jadoniouse -4
Morality: 58

Vislaer L’sohn Aslek Criminal

Episode 3: I Have a Bad Feeling ...
Whisker Cat Race

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: Jadoniouse (Betrayal)
DESTINY POOL: Light 2 / Dark 6

Episode 3: I Have a Bad Feeling ...
A Grand Ball

After spending three weeks training with the mysterious force master copper Jadoniouse and Tharmor finished with a battle with what they assume were members of the Noble Court. After which they each received an ancient sword coated with cortosis. Her Majesty then gave them a mission to recruit Lady Katrina to their cause. The only problem is that there seems to be a double agent leaking information to the empire and she won’t help unless he is dealt with first.

They quickly made preparations to leave to the planet she was on. Although they tried to contact Manthis and HK they still were not responding but since the ship was set to leave the next day they didn’t have time to track them down.

After landing they met the slussi mechanic Vis Deussi who bore quite a few similarities to HK. Namely the love for big weapons and making things explode. He was able to set up a meeting with Lady Katrina. While talking to they learned of a race that would take place in one weeks time. Deciding to let Mara enter the race they also learned that a party would be held the next day and they decided to attend it in hopes of learning more about the double agent.

While there Jadoniouse encountered the imperial Agitator Lady Pollax and tried to learn the name of the double agent that she supposedly worked with. However she wouldn’t give any information about her clients and got a little suspicious of him asking so much. While all this was happening Tharmor who was disguised as a handmaiden was investigating her room. While there she was able to crack a safe and found two data pads a necklace and several crystals. Working with Dac she was able to modify the security cameras to look as if somebody else entered the room and wounded her.

Vis Deussi who was gathering information by talking with the guests encountered a purge trooper investigating the room that Tharmor broke into.
The party learned
At the race a bounty hunter named Vizzicort will try to take out a Rebel Cell Leader name Tamber Vance
The Double Agent will be in attendance and you learned that it is a female Chadra Fan
The ISB agent name is Junna Crum
The ISB agent’s slicer is a Bothan named Helio Vesetor

The party is now preparing for the race next week where they believe they will find the double agent while also learning that lady Pollax will be doing a job there as well. Will they be able to catch the agent before anything happens?

DESTINY POOL: Light 4 / Dark 2

Episode 3: I Have a Bad Feeling ...
Interlude Training & Missing Droids

It has been a 3 weeks.

In the last 3 weeks Jadoniouse and Tharmor have been earnestly training under the mysterious master. He has still not given his name but has been teaching them about the ways of the duelist and how to fight using Form II and Form V arts they thought lost with the Jedi. This mysterious master claims he is not a Jedi just an old Noble who likes to study sword play.

Meanwhile the droids Silver Manthis and HK have been missing for the 3 weeks. The last anyone heard from them was the simple message:

"Don’t worry fleshlings we are fine. While you are at your “School” we are making money." and then Manthis locator was turned off. Instead of worrying Jadoniouse focused on his training. and Tharmor was happy the droids were not around and focused on learning, and trying to prank her new master.

Dac Serrano Vos and Mara Novar Vos have taken some much need time to be just with each other. they also took some jobs for Her Majesty to make sure there was enough money to keep the ship fueled and operational. They had repairs done and the ship is back in its best shape and Dac and Mara are getting restless with the jobs and want something more.

The party is at a critical stage as they need to decide what they are going to do as they are trapped behind enemy lines with no way out and the Empire cracking down on even petty things and becoming more violent. as the rules and the martial law and mysterious disappearance of citizen creating a weight on the shoulders of the crew. What will they do?

Episode 3


Episode 2e:

The Wheel

Episode 2d:

Endor Part 2-3

Episode 2c:

Endor Part 1


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