Spy/Infiltrator and Prankster of the Squad "Idiot 3"


If you manage to see her she has dark brown hair with bronze highlights around her eyes, nose, hands and feet. She has 2 long diagonal scars running across her eyes and a long scar across her right shoulder. She braided wooden beads into a short braid that hangs behind her ears.

If you man to look at her in Ultraviolet she has gold fur with silver highlights around her eyes, nose, hands and feet.

She tends to stick to the shadows and remain hidden unless playing a practical joke or handing out with her friends.


I Grew up on the planet Af’el doing school helping Klmar and Nannvox invent as much as I could so I picked up a little bit of skills from that. Then at the age of the 9 empire kidnapped me Kalmar and a few others. Then trained us to be assassins for them. Thy punished us and hurt us gave us disgusting food and not much sleep. The training facilitates were no on a base but aboard a Star destroyer named the Predator. We were among other prisoners but were sectioned off from the rest of them in a special training facility. At the age of 13 the rebels attacked the Star Destroyer and rescued us. During the escape I met a pilot I found out was named Seth “Dex” Drogothan as he freed me from my cell. Fighting my way out I was earned a few battle scars, one from a blaster bolt that grazed my leg and the others from a guard with a sword as he slashed me across the face and the shoulder.

As I fought the guard to get free the cut over my eye blurred my vision and things started to go dark and fuzzy. Was my eyes sight lost or was it the blood running down my face? I couldn’t tell in the heat of battle. I thought I was dead when suddenly a bolster bolt hit the guard and he fell to the ground. Next thing I knew someone was grabbing me and I heard Dex yelling “DIE.” I blacked out as a couple rescuers were pulling me and Kalmar away from the battle.

I woke up inside a bacta tank. When I opened my eyes I saw a droid operating on Kalmar and Dex standing in the background watching. After my wounds were healed I was debriefed by Rebel intelligence about my time in captivity aboard the Predator. I was able to give them information which helped them stage another battle for the destruction of the Predator. I was able to help in that mission. Kalmar and I were part of the boarding crew that disabled the sheilds and the tractor beams. We then took escape pods out as the Y-wings came in and destroyed the ship.

After this mission Kalmar and I were assigned to different units. Kalmar continued to work with Captian Dex’s crew while I was transferred to Captain Jadoniuses’ crew. I have worked several missions with Captain Jadoniuse. Recently we just picked up a new crew member Silver Manthis, a droid we found crashed ship in the Japarel Sector on Dxun. Now we just have been tasked to rescue some Special Forces operatives in this Sector. Once again SpecOps has to recuse the more trained Special Forces! They may laugh at us, but we always are the ones called into save them when they fail! HAHA!

I look forward to saving others who were taken prisoner like myself. Our pilot Mara came up with this crazy idea to get ourselves captured, not sure I like being captive again but if it saves others and we can score a blow against the Empire then lets go.


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