Silver Manthis

Small Arms Specialist "Idiot 6"


Manthis was recently reactivated and found on Dxun. When the crew of the Idiot’s Array found him they awakened him and Manthis swore his allegiance to Captian Jadoniouse.

6ft of solid steel. The shine is far gone from his early glory but he is optimistic about all the technology available today and the possibilities beyond what is available. He recently modified his chassis with updated durasteel bringing back some of the old shine of the past.


Darkness and silence. No electric impulses…no outward vibrations… pure uninterrupted solitude for countless cycles have done little to calm my spirit.

Yes… I have one. Many fleshlings argue that droids cannot have a spirit, but my question for you on the other side of my shell, is “What is a spirit”? “What is a conscience”? Most argue that it is a small still voice that guides them. I have that small voice inside me. It guides everything I do…well, it tries to. Sometimes I fight back, not necessarily because it is guiding me to do something I don’t want to do, but because I want to be the master of my own destiny. And this includes even the smallest of choices that I make for I know that it is the accumulation of all of my choices/actions that ultimately determine my destiny. Yes… I do have a spirit.

These recent countless cycles of stillness of my body in no way means that I have not been active. My mind has been reflecting upon every memory that has been imprinted on it over my countless cycles of existence. (Yes, I do have a mind. Many fleshlings argue that droids do not have minds, but my question for you on the other side of my shell is “What is a mind”? Is a mind defined by the substance of which it is made or by the substance of which it contains? I have memories… I have knowledge… I can make decisions. The very same things that fleshlings claim separate them from the droid population are in fact present in me. Yes… I do have a mind.

The memories that constantly race through my mind of past cycles and the adventures they contained have been the fuel that has kept my heart racing here in this present darkness I have found myself in. (Yes, I do have a heart. Many fleshlings argue that droids do not have hearts, but my question for you on the other side of my shell is “what is a heart”? Is it not the object from which pumps the very energy that fuels them? Trust me… I have a heart…and it has pumped far longer than any fleshling’s ever has or ever will.

I can go on and on about the ironic view that just because a droid is made of metal instead of flesh that it is any less “real” or relevant in the universe today. I have eyes that see…. just infintely better than fleshlings. I may not have ears, but I can guarantee you that I hear much much better than any fleshing – anywhere. I have a voice box that can not only produce but reproduce the most of beautiful melodies to perfection.

Maybe the last bastion of solace in the fleshling’s argument that I am any less “real” because I am a created being. That someone sat down and designed me and assembled me according to his plans for me. However; the evidence I have gathered through the countless cycles of my life is that their argument is empty because their very existence… in all their diverse beauty… screams for a creator as well.

Ultimately, I must conclude that fleshlings argue so passionately to be set apart and above droids simply because their life cycles are so terribly brief and they desperately desire to be validated…that their life has value and a purpose. And for this, I understand. For unlike fleshlings, I am in no hurry because I have had and will continue to have countless cycles to fulfill my created purpose…countless adventures and countless opportunities to chase my dreams (and yes… I have those too!)

So for now, I will continue to wait in this perpetual darkness and reflect upon the memories of my past and wait for my next chapter to begin. And although I know that time is on my side… that there is no rush ~ I am hungry. (And yes… I hunger. Maybe not for the same things fleshlings crave…but I hunger just the same.) I hunger to continue the journey i was created for and -- I’m sorry - it looks like my waiting has come to an end… my next chapter is starting!!

Silver Manthis

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