ZZ - Subject 24601 "Rocket" (deceased)

Heavy Weapon Specialist "Idiot 4"


A genetically engineered and modified specimen created by Imperial Scientist as they searched for aliens that could serve as assassins.

Subject 24601 was created to look like a harmless animal and a small alien.


Subject 24601 was created to be an assassin that could enter into Rebel installations as an alien. While also working on Subject 4D668493X, Subject 24601 was a different approach to creating a biological creature that could help Imperials hunt down criminals.

Subject 24601 was not as calm and docile as they hoped and was scheduled to be terminated when he was freed by the crew of “The Idiot’s Array.” “Rocket” as he is called now, is a heavy weapons specialist that loves to be unique and wield weapons that most would expect to be too big for this short harmless creature.

Rocket is the only member of Squad Gundark that probably lives up to the squad’s moniker. Get him behind a heavy weapon, gunnery, or his modified blaster rifle and like the Gundark he becomes an aggressive small angry creature that will attack first and ask questions second.

ZZ - Subject 24601 "Rocket" (deceased)

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