Madison Winters


She is a security officer and counselor on Cartol’s Emporium. She is currently in charge of subsection 42. She likes order and discipline and runs her team and her area like a well oiled machine. She has been passed over several times. Those under her seem to get promoted faster than she does. She believes this is due to her being a Twi’lek, and her boss only thinks Twi’lek female should dance.

In her spare time she works as a family counselor for children dealing with sever trauma. She also acts as an arbitrator for children in cases of domestic violence.

She and Dac know each other from way back in college when they worked on a research paper on children and PSTD and treatments that involved both medicine and counseling. When Dac is in the area he and Mara visit with Madison and Dac will still help her out as she continues to treat patients like they researched together.

She has a secret fascination with the Jedi and love anything to do with Jedi lore. However, with the Empire stand on the Jedi she keeps this very secret and not even Dac knows about this fascination she has.

Madison Winters

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