Kavia Slen


Kavia Slen is a Human Female who owned a Junk Shop in Iziz’s Merchant Quarter. She has moved off world but known where at this time.


Although a veteran of some of the worst battles in the Clone Wars, Kavia Slen has adapted quite well to civilian life. She has no love of the Empire and at the same time has no desire to be part of the Rebllion or part of the Rebels.

She talks about her business with the slick ease of a used speeder saleswoman. However, the efficiency with which she dismantles military hardware, weaponry, and ordnance is a clear reminder of the junk dealer’s combat experience.

She is a shrewd negotiator who likes the art of haggling almost as much as she loves fixing and tearing apart old military hardware and vehicles. She does not give a blanket discount to anyone or any group but also will not turn anyone in for the group they are associated with.

Kavia Slen

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