ZZ - Jadoniouse (Missing)

Leader of the Squad "Idiot 1"


A young looking man for being 34, though you can tell he has seen much of the galaxy and has the battle scars to prove it. He stands at an impressive 6’4" and has the build of a military soldier, and is because as long as he can remember he has been in the military.


He has been with the Rebel Alliance for the last 5 years. He signed up on Dantoonie and has thought of nothing else, but the downfall of the Emperor and the Imperial Regime.

Life before the Rebellion is well a blank there are holes in his memory and blank spots. He remembers his childhood on Dantoonie where he grew up on his parents farm. Life was pretty boring compared to others, there was the occasional bandit raid but nothing like what others had to deal with. He always longed for more adventurous life.

When his best friend Ben decided to enroll in the newly formed Imperial Academy, he longed to go, but stayed back to help his parents. He kept his desire secret, yet his parents found out. Instead of being mad, they urged him to go and so he enrolled into the Imperial Academy.

He doesn’t remember much of his time at the academy, has a few memories here and there. What he does remember is a crash on some remote planet and then waking up realizing that Empire was evil and wrong. They didn’t send help, the Rebels came and rescued him. They didn’t care about the deaths, but the Rebels did. It was then he remembers that he wanted nothing to do with the Empire.

After going back home to see his parents he signed up with the Rebellion. For the last five years he has been focused on helping the Rebels win anyway they can. He has risen in the ranks rather quickly and is not a Captain and a leader of a SpecOps unit. His unique skills and quick thinking are better suited for SpecOps and the freedom they have rather than the traditional military unit. Over the last 5 years Jadoniouse has lead his small band to do what others would call the impossible.

What is next for him and what memories lay dormant that are waiting to break free?

ZZ - Jadoniouse (Missing)

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