ZZ - YT-1930 "Idiot's Array" (Retired)

Ship for the Squad


A modified YT-1930.


The ship was won like most good ships are, in a game of Sabbac. Mara Vos was playing a game of Sabbac only because she had to. Down on her luck with just 1,000 credits to her name and no ship, she needed to win big. She con her way into a Sabbac tournament. She somehow managed to make it to the final game.

The last hand came up and she couldn’t believe her luck nothing! Everyone had put it all in. Then just before she was going to fold her cards changed. The Idiot’s Array. Hoping she didn’t give anything away she matched and raised the pot. When the dealer called she won! She had won the tournament!

“Cheater” well that was what Duros, Dustangle Sloke said. Before she knew it she had to play that hand again. She managed to up the ante by having Dustangle put his ship up for collateral if she won again and was able to keep 10% of her winnings. She just hoped she could pull off another win.

Once again it was the last hand and just before she was to fold the cards shifted and she once again had The Idiot’s Array. When the game was over Dustangle tried to say she cheated again, but the house wouldn’t hear of it. They had watched the game and her closely and even made Mara play in just a tank top and shorts to be sure.

So she took the ship and her winnings and renamed the ship The Idiot’s Array. She has been flying it ever since and never looked backed!

She also has never played Sabbac again either.

ZZ - YT-1930 "Idiot's Array" (Retired)

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