Governor Adelhard




Governor Adelhard A lifetime military man, Adelhard rose up the ranks and became a rare General that started in the Stormtroopers, where his base of power still stems from. Anti-luxury, anti-pomp, and a true believer in the need for a strong Empire to protect the galaxy from chaos, Adelhard is willing to use any means to keep the Empire from falling.

“My brave citizens. While we are protected from Rebel terrorists by the Iron Blockade, the rest of the Empire is not so fortunate. Yet Emperor Palpatine, unscathed by the assassination attempt aboard his new battle station, continues his march toward total victory. So long as the Rebel threat endures, so will the blockade. But I believe the end will come—”

“Today, the Empire is victorious. The Rebellion, no longer a threat. The Rebels’ desperate attack on the Emperor’s Death Star has failed. Rumors of the Emperor’s death? Treasonous fabrications. Those of you who listen to these lies, who wish to test the Empire’s strength, you will answer to me.”