EV-o1 "E V E"


A standard looking JN-66 Analysis droid. this one has a hidden personality matrix and is extremely loyal to its owner. Heavily modified.



Crew picked this droid up on the Predator. It followed them from the analysis room and has been following Silver Manthis ever since.

Dac finds “her” valuable and began to call her “EV E” but she doesn’t like it.
When Dac found her voice a bit too high he was going to change her voice, EV-01 suggested she could activate her other personality matrix. When asking for clearance she found out she was with a crew of Rebels and started to activate long range communications. Tharmor quickly shut EV-01 down before the communications could go out.

EV-01 currently is on the ship turned off. The Crew hasn’t decided what to do with it yet.

EV-o1 "E V E"

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