Dr. Tadel Husk


A tall pale white thin human


He is the scientist who was working the way to create the perfect soldier. He was testing his serum and cybernetic enhancements on “lesser” beings and one such result was Subject 24601.

Subject 24601 wasn’t supposed to escape and was to have a limited life span. However the serum worked too well when mixed with the nanites and the result was Subject 24601 had increased intelligence and agility. The downfall was an increased anger along with a very short attention span. Before Dr. Husk could terminate Project 24601, his creation was set free by some Rebels.

Dr. Husk is still hunting down Project 24601, but is also working on perfecting the perfect storm-trooper. Will Rocket be hunted down by the perfect storm-tropper? Or will Rocket find Dr. Husk first and put an end to his experiments?

Dr. Tadel Husk

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