ZZ - Dac Serrano Vos (Retired)

Doctor for the Squad "Idiot 5"


>Decrypting Data ………….
>Data Decrypted
>Opening Report

//NRI Security File 698805555:55:Dac Serrano Vos
//Classified -Top Sceret
//Begin Report
Species: Kiffar Sex: Male
Homeworld: Kiffu
Height: 2.1 meters Age: 44
Operative Role: SpecOps – Squad Gundark “The Idiot’s Array”
Current Location: Aboard the YT-1930 “The Idiot’s Array”

Dac was born to Saratin and Izzaria Vos on the planet Kiffu. He grew up a normal life for a Kiffar with wealthy parents. He went to the best schools and grew up without needing or wanting anything. He is extremely gifted in Xenolinguistics, Xenobilology, Encryption, Cyphers, and patterns. He graduated from secondary early at the age of 16 and entered into studies at the University of Coruscant. He graduated with honors and the only reason he was not the top of his class would have to be the sheer number of classes and Exams he tried to take.

Upon his graduation he meet Farsol Colton a Human from Alderan. It was observed that Dac must be in love with this woman as he kept meeting her in normal day to day activities. At the end of the summer he re-enrolled into school at the First Republic Medical Academy of Coruscant. It is assumed but can’t be proven that he somehow managed to slice into the school records and match his schedule to her. He spent the next 6 years in school with Farsol where they both graduated as license doctors. The following is a sampling of the exams he took and passed
Computer Science Level 5 Exam
Computer Engineering Level 5 Exam
Encryption Level 5 Exam
Data Codes Level 5 Exam
Xenolinguist Therory Level 5 Exam
Xenobiology Level 5 Exam
Xenomedicine Level 5 Exam
Biology Level 5 Exam
Chemistry Level 5 Exam
Organic Chemistry Level 5 Exam
General Medicine Level 5 Exam
“Human” Medicine Level 5 Exam
Surgery Level 5 Exam
Wookie, Rodian, Maletaree, Mon Calmari, Trandosian, Bothan, Duros, Sullustan, Quarren Level 5 Exam
several other species language level 3 exams
Brain Surgery Level 3 Exam
Combat Surgery Level 3 Exam

Reports gathered seem to indicate he can speak and write in at least 25 languages. Reports also indicate that he has the knack for picking up the basics of an Alien language within a week. It has been observed by many agents that as he traveled he would pick up basic trade skill in languages and then forget them. One operative wrote:
“The sheer number of language the subject knows and the ability in which the subject is able to learn language leads me to believe, in my medical option, that the subject is a savant. The subject displays signs of scant behavior and intelligence. What is unique about this subject is that he seems to be a savant in more than just one area. Observations made and medical reports would indicate he is a savant in Xenoliguistcs,, Patters and Code, and Medicine.” – Rebel Operative 117

Dac and Farsol were married the day after their graduation and they moved back to Dac’s home planet of Kiffu. Dac and Farsol both worked for the Kiffu 1st Hospital. Farsol was a doctor and Dac severed as both a doctor and researcher. The next 5 years seemed to be a uneventful time for Dac. All interviews and reports point to this being the most peaceful and “best” time of his life.
//Note Operatives have asked serval past friends, family, and co-workers all report the same, with no hints of criminal behavior.

BBY 11:5:5 05:55:55 everything changed. It was then that security logs at the hospital suddenly went dark. The next 5 minutes show nothing, when the security logs and cameras came back up, everything was normal, except for the fact Farsol was missing. It was then that Dac lost it.

With no information and the Empire not helping, Dac sold everything and turned to the underground to find his wife. For the next 2 years Dac searched any lead he could get his hands on, doing anything short of murder to get the information. It was during these 2 years he worked with The Black Sun, The Circle, The Hutts, The Pyke Syndicate, and several Smuggling guilds. He eventually found his wife aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer The Indomitable. Dac tracked the Indomitable to a hidden research facility in the Outer Rim. It was on a planet only know as “52.” It was here that she and others were being forced to use their unique Force gifts for the Empire. She had the gift of being able to seek out lost items or people. The Empire was using her to find Rebel Cells, Jedi, and anyone else the Empire wanted dead.

Dac staged a rescue but was captured. Reports seem to indicate that he was betrayed by an ally. It was this betrayal that cost him the rescue. Interviews after the fact do not show that Dac is aware of this betrayal .
//Note: It is recommended that this information not be shared with Dac for fear he will loose it once more. High Command agrees and requires this to be classified

Information during his capture and time with the Empire is incomplete. The best that we have gathered is this:
Dac has the gift of psychometry and was forced by the Empire to use his gift to track down people whom the Empire considered criminals. Dac was tortured and subject to mind effecting drugs to enhance results and when he was finally rescued he was a different man. The only thing that can be confirmed was that Farsol was killed before Dac was rescued and Dac was forced to watch.

He was rescued on BBY 5:5:5 by Mara Novar.
//See //NRI Security File 708803143:01: Mara Novar
Dac traveled with Mara for the next 3 years. They ran smuggling operations in the Outer Rim. Most of their runs also were runs that helped bring aid to planets that were under Empire rule They also rendered help to a few of our Rebel Cells in these Outer Rim Planets. they were approached a number of times and each time refused to outright join the Rebellion.

BBY 2:5:5 Mara and Dac were married aboard The Wheel which they frequented many times to resupply and for R&R. Other than Mara’s ship, The Idiot’s Array, The Wheel was the only place they called home. They had many contacts and friends on The Wheel and some reports indicate they may still have contacts and friends currently living on The Wheel.

It was during their after wedding party that once again they were approached to join the Rebellion, and to the surprise of the Duros recruiter they said yes and 2 weeks after their wedding they meet up with the Rebellion on board The Lithir. Dac and Mara were asked to join a SpecOps team that would serve in the Outer Rim. With their vast knowledge of the Outer Rim and a ship that was not tagged as a Rebellion ship, they had the perfect cover to operate in the Outer Rim.

//Recommendation: Accept Dac as Lieutenant Dac Vos, Slicer and Medical Officer for Squad Gundark.

//End Report

Redbird – Operation Gundark 1
Redbird – Operation Gundark 2
Redbird – Operation Gundark 5
Redbird – Operation Gundark 10
Redbird – Operation Gundark 15
Redbird – Operation Gundark 20
Redbird – Operation Gundark 25
The Superior Service Medal – Operation Gundark 20

Operation Gundark 1 Disobey Direct Order – Lieutenant Dac Vos rendered aid to an enemy combatant
Operation Gundark 4 Disobey Direct Order – Lieutenant Dac Vos rendered aid to an enemy combatant
Operation Gundark 11 Disobey Direct Order – Lieutenant Dac Vos rendered aid to an enemy combatant
Operation Gundark 17 Disobey Direct Order – Lieutenant Dac Vos rendered aid to an enemy combatant
Operation Gundark 24 Disobey Direct Order – Lieutenant Dac Vos rendered aid to an enemy combatant

After Operation Gundark 10 – Recommendation for promotion to Captain
After Operation Gundark 25 – Recommendation for promotion to Captain

//Update ABY 3:5:5
Dac still serves as Lieutenant Dac Vos, Slicer and Medical Officer for Squad Gundark. He has turned down 2 promotions to Captain citing medical instability:
“I can not in good conscious accept this promotion to Captain. In my medical opinion I am unfit to serve as a Captain.” – Lieutenant Dac Vos Medical Officer, Squad Gundark.

Dac is still a faithful member of the Rebellion. After further review his service as Special Operations is recommended.

In the last 5 years Lieutenant Dac has served the as part of Gundark Squad. Gudark Squad has successfully completed 25 missions and Lieutenant Dac Vos has severed in all 25 missions. While the squad doesn’t always complete the missions in the manner in which Special Operations would normally agree with, their success rate is noted and unparalleled for a squad of their unique qualities.

//Note: It has been reported that Dac is currently taking illegal medication, that some feel border on drugs. This is currently being investigated and his record will be updated with findings. Until such a time all rumors and allegations of Lieutenant Dac Vos being a drug user and stealing medical supplies for a drug habit are to be silenced and those reporting them are to be treating as spreading slander.

//End of File

ZZ - Dac Serrano Vos (Retired)

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