Star Wars: The Rise of the New Republic

Episode 3: I Have a Bad Feeling ...

Interlude Training & Missing Droids

It has been a 3 weeks.

In the last 3 weeks Jadoniouse and Tharmor have been earnestly training under the mysterious master. He has still not given his name but has been teaching them about the ways of the duelist and how to fight using Form II and Form V arts they thought lost with the Jedi. This mysterious master claims he is not a Jedi just an old Noble who likes to study sword play.

Meanwhile the droids Silver Manthis and HK have been missing for the 3 weeks. The last anyone heard from them was the simple message:

"Don’t worry fleshlings we are fine. While you are at your “School” we are making money." and then Manthis locator was turned off. Instead of worrying Jadoniouse focused on his training. and Tharmor was happy the droids were not around and focused on learning, and trying to prank her new master.

Dac Serrano Vos and Mara Novar Vos have taken some much need time to be just with each other. they also took some jobs for Her Majesty to make sure there was enough money to keep the ship fueled and operational. They had repairs done and the ship is back in its best shape and Dac and Mara are getting restless with the jobs and want something more.

The party is at a critical stage as they need to decide what they are going to do as they are trapped behind enemy lines with no way out and the Empire cracking down on even petty things and becoming more violent. as the rules and the martial law and mysterious disappearance of citizen creating a weight on the shoulders of the crew. What will they do?



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