Star Wars: The Rise of the New Republic

Episode 3-4: I Have a Bad Feeling ...

New Gear and Rise of Fantastic Four

Their plans were cut short as Warden Vross discovered their location along with several squads of storm troopers. They immediately ran for the ship in hopes of escaping the planet but were met by stormtroopers blocking their path to the ship. After a fierce battle they pulled through and made it onto the ship. They were barely able to escape the imperials as their hyperdrive was broken but were able to make the jump to hyperspace before their ship broke.

Vis interrupts and adds more

Trapped, the party decided to run towards the ship, and they had an quick skirmish, assisted by a group of renegades as they attempted the retreat. However they were delayed by a large group of around 30 stormtroopers with an E-Web and a tank. They managed to push through their hit points and kill nearly all of the stormtroopers. When they finally boarded the ship, Mara drove the Idiot’s Array to its limits, while Vislaer went to fix the hyperdrive, and the others went about to their frenzied duties.

Slowly THE IDIOTS ARRAY crew filed into help Vislaer after they finished their tasks, while he set fire to the hyperdrive, but never broke it. Mathis finally fixed the hyperdrive with a newly acquired skill. They finally reached another planet they could dock at. However the alibi was not so easy. Vislaer claimed to be the entertainment for a wedding Jadoniouse was attending with the party. “Vis” then had to perform for the security guard. The party decided to become freedom fighters for this system instead of abandoning it. Consequently they became sweet performers called the Fantastic Four, Dac didn’t participate. They each had their unique talents.

They wound up on the planet that Kezi’s brother was on and were able to warn him of the incoming danger that he was in. While there Manthis learned of a mechanic by the name of Chopper who would upgrade his armour for him. Before they left Tharmor devised a plan to earn money by performing so they went by the name of the Fantastic 4. During their performance Vis was able to use fireworks to secretly alert any rebel sympathisers in the area to the destruction of the deathstar and the death of the emperor.

They then spent a month on Cloud City while Manthis and Vis worked with Chopper to improve their armour and weapons. Jadoniouse and Tharmor spent most of their time meditating and both unlocked the Holocron and learned where their lightsaber crystals were.

Vis interrupts and adds more

Mathis took Vislaer to a mechanic store, and brought Jadoniouse along to negotiate the price. All except Jadoniouse got new armor who went. Vislaer then went to build a new energy rifle he later named “the Noisy Cricket” Tharmorr meditated for the first time in forever, while the two technicians built their gear for a month.

After all this they went back to Her Majesty who gave them a mission to go to Hoth and recover a crashed imperial shuttle. They were able to discover it but encountered a large beast under the ice who began to attack them. The adventure ended as they defeated the beast and began to return to Her majesty to decide what must be done next. What will they decide and how will it affect the future of this system?

Vis interrupts and adds more

After many performances and time meditating, the IDIOT’S ARRAY decided to leave and take someone on an offer to go to Hoth to repair a Tydarian Shuttle some pilot somehow crashed on it, maybe due to the asteroid field surrounding the planet. THE IDIOTS ARRAY landed a safe distance from the ship they were required to repair, then traveled by speeder to the snow-covered,thick sheet of ice hovering over a vast, mysterious watery expanse below. Little did they know what lied underneath.

Immediately the party lifted the corroded cockpit cover up, an Vislaer and Manthis began working away at it. Suddenly a monster erupted from the sea and attacked Jadoniouse. The entire party retaliated, but the monster had time to flop onto Vislaer and Jadoniouse. Mathis in conjunction with Tharmorr and Vislaer weakened enough that Jadoniouse could decapitate it. Manthis then entered its intestinal tract to find the rare pearl that lied in large monsters like these. When he finished, Vislaer was heartily working on the ship, and Manthis washed of in the ocean, then helped Vislaer. A short time later they emerged triumphant and flew away in the Tydarian Shuttle while the others flew away in the Idiot’s Array into the sunset.

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: Dac Serrano Vos(Addiction)
DESTINY POOL: Light 1 / Dark 5

SESSION Conflict:

Tharmor +3
Morality: 67
Jadoniouse +4
Morality: 62

Important Plot Milestones

Rise of the Fantastic Four – Traveling entertainment group that does acrobatics, fireworks, Hypmotism, Painting of Droid and sky with Jet pack
Fully unlocked party’s Holocron and learned how to create their own Lightsabers
Meditated Jadoniouse and Tharmor found where their crystals are located – secret Hutt vault in the Anaot Sector
Stole an Imperial Shuttle for Her Majesty

Contacts Made

Chopper – Drall Mechanic – Cloud City
Shortpaw – Chadrafan Smuggler – Burnin Kunn
Kezi – Chadrafan Noble – Burnin Kunn
Lady Pollax – Human Agitator – Current Whereabouts unknown


Jadoniouse and Vis take +5 EXP


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