Star Wars: The Rise of the New Republic

Back Log

catch up

Due to Real Life several Adventures never got updated and posted.

- The party freed the Knights of Ren from a planet that had them enslaved
- The Knights of Ren trained the parties force users and helped them build their lightsabers
- The Group did a deal for Lando and ended up taking a loan to set up a Mining Base and business
- The Group went off to Nar Shadda to “free the slaves there”
- The Group had a mysterious benefactor who granted them a cool speeder to take down some Hutts
- Jadoniouse was captured by Grakkus the Hutt and lost to the party
- Zero became a new member of the group
- the group freed many salves and took down a minor Hutt
- The group was going after a middle tier Hutt and was putting a dent in his operation until they were captured in a sting by Grakkus as he learned one of the group might be a Jedi
- The Group was rescued by the New Republic and drafted to the Spec Forces stationed aboard Shadow Raptor II
- Current group:
- Tharmorr
- Manthis
- Zero
- Vis

Next Adventure coming soon



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