This is a Campaign for a small group of close friends

Episode 3:I have a bad feeling…..

The GALACTIC EMPIRE was defeated when the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star above the moon of Endor. After the battle The New Republic is desperately trying to bring peace back to the galaxy, and free those star systems who are still underImperial rule.

Meanwhile the crew of the Idiots Array left Endor in pursuits of a teacher. they are looking for someone to teach them how to use a lightsaber, their research has brought them to the Anoat System.

Once again with their usual brash action and lack of fore thought the crew rushed in what appeared to be an Imperial blockade. With their usual luck and skill they managed to land on the mining colony of Zhanox. It wasn’t until they disembarked did they truly understand what they just landed in the middle of.
I have a bad feeling …………

No problem. You are the crew of The Idiot’s Array impossible is not in your vocabulary.

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Star Wars: The Rise of the New Republic